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MISSION : The Local Government commits itself to be one of the biggest producer of agricultural raw materials that will complement to its vision of promoting agro-industrialization in the municipality and triggering thereof the upliftment of the quality of life of its populace.

VISION : A true God fearing municipality with dedicated and committed LGU officials and employees, community leaders and citizens recognizing the importance of good character, culture and the arts and rare actively involved in the formation of a child centered, peaceful and resilient community, where families are strong and healthy, education effective, agribusiness is productive, soaring high DUPAX DEL NORTE as the best place with the best people. 


The name of the Municipality of Dupax comes from the Isinay word “Dopaj”. by Dopaj, the isinays meant ‘to lie down in complete relaxation’. According to folklores that have survived from generation to generation even long before the founding fathers founded the municipality, the site of what eventually became the “Poblacion” or town center of Dupax used to serve as a roaring camp for primitive hunters from surrounding tribal settlements. After hard days of hunting in the nearby mountains, the hunters would retire to the camp where they would feast on their catch wild animals. When they were before getting up again in order to return to their respective homes. Because the camping area was near their hunting grounds, they finally decided to settle their permanently with their families.

In time, the town’s name metamorphosed into, and came to be called Dupax upon the coming of the Spaniards who for convenience, substituted, the letter “X” in lieu of letter “J”. And this was how the municipality of Dupax cam into being. The original town of Dupax, without doubt, is the largest municipality in the province of Nueva Vizcaya in terms of land area.

Dupax was formally founded by the Agustinian Fathers Nicolas Norbantes and Agustin San Juan on April 22, 1731 after they placed a cross in a chapel in Dupax in honor of Nuestra Senora Del Soccoro. That as per Republic Act 1181 which take effect on its approval on June 20 1954, transferred the Municipal Seat of the Municipality of Dupax, Nueva Vizcaya then its present location to the Barrio of Malasin. But in 1971, Congress passed into law RA 6372 known as “An Act Creating the Municipality of Dupax del Norte in the province of Nueva Vizcaya”, sponsored by Congressman Benjamin B. Perez in the House of Representative, and Senator Leonardo B. Perez in the Senate of the Philippines. To implement its provisions, his excellency, President Ferdinand E. Marcos promulgated presidential Decree 586 on November 20, 1974, which virtually paved the way for the division of the town of Dupax into two, to wit: Dupax del Norte and Dupax del Sur.