In the name of transparency, the government lists five (5) key result areas (KRAs) of the Philippine Government’s Social Contract in Sec. 2 of Executive Order No. 43, s. 2011:

  1. Transparent, accountable and participatory governance – to institutionalize open, transparent, accountable, and inclusive governance;
  2. Poverty reduction and empowerment of the poor and vulnerable – to translate the gains from good governance into direct, immediate and substantial benefits for the poor;
  3. Rapid, inclusive and sustained economic growth – to achieve rapid economic expansion that generates jobs and livelihood for and increase the income of the poor while moving away from the boom-and-bust cycle of the economic performance of the past;
  4. Just and lasting peace and the rule of law – to attain a just, comprehensive, and lasting peace within the bounds of our law; and
  5. Integrity of the environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation – to promote sustainable natural resource utilization and climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies and measures among national government agencies, the local government units (LGUs) and their respective communities, the general public, and other stakeholders.